I have a badly dubbed conversation with a former colleague.

He’s hefted. Rangebound to emotional contours.

Averse to prattle, crowd sounds and most music.

See also: social and broadcast media.

Further reading: people in general.

Their noise-to-signal ratio sucks.

Consider the opportunity cost of processing.

Of parsing jokes.

Of, “How peaceful it is here!”

Well yes, it was.

He takes people at their word, of which there are too many, but is getting wise to chaff and flares.

To the weaponisation of empathy.

Through age, experience or disposition, he’s pulling his perimeter closer.

The roaming radius tends to zero.

What with all the typologies, life resembles a file tree.

The ASC natures are lifestyle electives.

It’s a tactical retreat.

Hello hi-fidelity stereotypes, goodbye authenticity.

Sensitive to infrasound and mild peril, competent in a crisis,

He either has too little imagination, or too much.

He’s an RPG nomad, roaming digital water-meadows.

Creating personalities in n dimensions.

Extending all arms of the teeter.

Not much of this is visible.

What with those trophy kills in the ZPAW, there’s an interesting question here about counterbalance.

Maybe this was a bit about me, after all.

Would that be…over-identifying?

This story’s taking way too long.

This is the guy who, confronted by “Don’t think of the colour red” says, “OK.”

“Uh…world without sun.”

Got it.”


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