Drifting in

Waking, I see textures and complex 3D rendered shapes which can be at least partially rotated.

Are they made out of the ‘pixels’ behind my eyelids? They seem to slow-dissolve back to that form.

A sandpaper pattern, magnified. 3D texture, CGI-fake, pin-sharp at every depth, slowly rotating anticlockwise. I was able to appreciate the whole area…slowly zooming out it revealed itself as a  rotating star of David, itself part of a giant star fractal.

A beautiful iridescent 3D paisley fractal was there behind my eyes, rippling from stage left, so real you could touch it. Like a butterfly’s wing on silk.

A profoundly 3D meteorite. A Namib ventifact, wind-smoothed, pitted. I could see it with my eyes open or closed, in the dark. I had time to study and admire it before it suddenly faded.

I rubbed my eyes on waking, and with each rub heard cascades of silver bell arpeggios.

I wake in the dark to see a forest floor of individually-rendered leaves. I move my head, whether eyes open or closed, the patterns stay where they are.

Insights plopping in all over, I wake to a full and rotating galactic appreciation of everything, a massive surge of wellbeing and love, Gaia, universe, all.

Heart-breakingly evocative sounds accompany some images.


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