Awareness is a lot about claiming the moment.

Events define time.

If there were no event spikes, there’d be nothing to distinguish one moment from the next.

But we get to define the events.

The further back you go in your personal history, the more thickly the spikes are clustered.

Learning to walk, seeing your first snowfall, grazing knee.

Childhood sweetheart.

All that stuff.

Was there more time then? Did time run more slowly, enabling more spikes to be fitted in?

Maybe the definition of event changed, and with it the perception of time’s arrow.

So I dial expectations to Childhood Wonder mode.

Epic is everywhere.

Reset the amazement bar each day.

That’s amazing. That’s amazing. That’s amazing.

We’re always so out in front, worrying about the future. Or we’re casting behind, regretting the past.

Patrolling every landscape except the one we occupy.

I’ve been the worst for this.

Failing to distinguish between sensations and thoughts.

When the 3am meme demons come, acknowledge them, let them go.

Get off the worry-go-round. Don’t participate.

Let go of thoughts.

Let go of blame.

Let go of the fucking plan.


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