Reframe I

I try to copy successful behaviours. Chronospecies.

I’m every lucky mutant, man.

Do we run multiple personalities and select one for the occasion?

Respawn, select, evolve?

After all, there is a me in every past day, like an infinity of mirrors.

Other selves, roaming the gender/orientation clades.

Mini-personalities that fight and labour while we sleep.

The person we were in that relationship.

Bigger, stronger, always smiling, the envied centre of every party photo.

The one we really grieve for.

Where would we be without that constant gnawing feeling in the pit of the stomach and unspecified dread?

They’re our constant companions after all.

We don’t ask to be born into this world, and there’s little to keep us here beyond the game itself.

Consider that all the unsatisfying and incomplete story arcs may be part of the story arc.


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